The benefits of using a Home sauna

• Relieving common cold symptoms.

• Help recover from Chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, and musculoskeletal pain.

• Heal cardiovascular health and skin conditions.

• Improve performance in endurance sport

• Help recuperation after childbirth.

Find your Ideal Home sauna

There are various types of heating methods for each steam room. Finding the perfect sauna for you is important. Some heating methods that sauna use is:

Infrared sauna:

In the Infrared sauna, the lamps generate radiation that heats your body. This electromagnetic radiation heats only your body instead of the whole surrounding. Infrared saunas have a lower temperature than other saunas.

Wooden sauna:

Wood is the most traditional method to heat sauna rocks. Using wood as a heating method produces dry heat with low humidity. To add humidity in the room you can add water to the rocks every 10 minutes.

Electrical sauna:

Electrical sauna’s increase the room temperature with low humidity and dry heat, similar to wooden saunas but through electrical heaters. It is used widely by gyms or clubs as an alternative for a wooden steam room.

Steam Room:

A steam room is a Turkish style sauna that uses boiling water that generates wet heat or high humidity. Steam rooms are for people who like to use steam or hot humidity for their portable sauna sessions.

An indoor sauna heats up to temperatures from 145°F to 190°F. Home sauna’s wooden interiors and temperature controls allow you to find that sweet spot. To enrich your experience in a sauna room, add rocks as heating elements. When water pours over these heated rocks, the steam amplifies your relaxing experience. Perspiration or sweating is one of the main ways our bodies get rid of toxins that accumulate inside us. 15 minutes in a Steam and sauna portable sauna can help us